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Pepe didn't hesitate and praised FC Porto for the 30th championship won

There's no champion like FC Porto. With the three points won in the home match against Estoril this Saturday, for the last matchday of the Portuguese League, the national champions broke the line of the 90 points won, making it to 91, and beat the previous record by three points, a record that already belonged to them. After the match that completed the 30th national title, Otávio only talked about Jamor after pointing out the "well deserved title, fair, a consequence of the hard work and effort of the team throughout the year". As for Pepe, he gave a lesson in football to "some experts from the tv, who likely never played football in their life, but still tried to disregard the victory" achieved by the Dragons, despite all the records.

"We deserved it, it came from our hard work as a team throughout the year and from the determination of everyone in the pursuit of the title. The main objective was achieved, but we know we have another trophy to win. We will celebrate today, rest tomorrow and start thinking about Tondela next week, as it will be an important match. I feel this is my best season in terms of everything. The work of the team also makes me better, I always tried to improve. Fortunately, I was able to do just that, and that's proof of the effort we put in what we do. I'm happy."

"First of all, I want to congratulate our fans, who were fantastic during the season. We went in strong for this match, Estoril had no chances to score and we could have gone to the break with a good result. The second-half was completely ours, with us always trying to get the victory we naturally got, as we were the team that worked the hardest and tried to score the most. That means a lot to me, as I love this club. I want to thank the fans who always believed in the team, and thank the several experts from tv, who probably never played football, but still tried to disregard our victory, despite what we achieved. 58 matches undefeated, best attack, best defence, record in points… we're undisputed. Keep it up, that is what makes us fight, against everything and everyone. I believe all titles are special, but this one is better as it used to be only FC Porto and Benfica, but now Sporting joined the fight as well. We fought until the end, and, like I said, it was undisputed. We were the best team in Portugal, just look at the numbers. We were great, we know how hard we work every day and we are proud of it. When you work hard, like we did, this is what happens and you raise the bar to the other teams. I have one more year in my contract and those who know this fight, know you can pick up injuries. It's not just me, younger players also get injured. I think what matters is to be mentally strong to overcome these events in your career. At FC Porto, you work hard and you get the chance to give it all for the club."

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