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​Moncho López: “We want to become champions in the next match”

The coach is aiming for the title in the third match of the final and is calling for the attendance of the supporters

By the end of the second match of the final of Proliga, that ended with another victory for Dragon Force (103-76)​, Moncho López was a happier man then by the end of the first match, and, above all, showed determination in getting the title in the next game, played at Ponte de Sôr. On today’s match, the coach praised the “great” first-half, but was displeased with the third period.

“I’m happier, generally speaking. We had a great first-half, without any defensive mistakes, and everyone helped on the attack. We controlled the turnovers, and defended the ball possession to the extreme, against a team that likes to hold it. I actually enjoyed the match, I’m only sorry we weren’t able to keep the pace in the entire game, which shows our deficiencies”, Moncho López stated, talking to and Porto Canal.

The coach also made the promise that the team will try to win the title next Saturday, despite knowing that the final is played in a best of five format and that the Dragons have the home advantage. “We want to become champions with the third match, even if we know that the opponent will try to tie the final at home. If we start thinking that we will have the home advantage in the final game, we’re destined to not play well”, Moncho López assured, asking all fans to go to Ponte do Sôr, as that will demand “more responsibility and focus” from the players.

João Torrie, MVP in this match, stated credit for the victory goes to the entire team and that the third period was the odd one in the performance: “What I enjoyed the most is that we won, despite that bad third period we had. But truth is that, by that time, the game was settled. Now we want to seal the final in the next game and become champions again”.

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