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    In a time when technology is developed like never seen before, we wanted to be pioneer. Acknowledging its impact in the life of the club and in the life of people in general, we want to increase the interaction with our fans.

    The winning character of the club and its international acknowledgment demands it, so our digital strategy is at the forefront: the culture of excellency we follow in FC Porto was passed to the digital solutions we make available for our fans.

    We are in the lead in the field of innovation and remain aware of any new technologic implementation that enriches the experience of our fans. Today, our fans can find all the information regarding the teams of the club in a single app, along with news, social networks, and competitions, with access to live streaming and to all relevant notifications to those who follow the life of the club, moment by moment.

    The FC Porto app was praised in numerous publishings in national and international press (such as theverge.com and theappzine.com), receiving the ACEPI Navegantes XXI award, in the category of best App for Culture & Sports in Portugal, and the Golden Dragon, in the category of Project of the Year. It has already been downloaded 62,562 times in the App Store and 175,080 in the Play Store.

    The dematerialization of the member card was fundamental for what we want the experience of our fans to be at the stadium: quick, fun and effective. We want FC Porto to be even closer to them, by turning casual fans into dedicated fans, leading to the growth and recognition of our club.

    The Official FC Porto App is part of the project for the digitalization and innovation of the club, which is in continuous development. In 2018, the Seat Delivery was launched - an innovative service that delivers food, drinks and merchandising products to the seats - and the Museu & Tour App - that offers a new interactive experience to visitors of the FC Porto Museum and Estádio do Dragão. The digital transformation of FC Porto will bring even more surprises in the near future.

    The fans and members of the club are at the heart of our approach: we want to keep customising our services and make them valuable and convenient, leading to a privileged level of contact and interaction.

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