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Diogo Costa

Diogo Costa was born in Rothrist (Switzerland), on September 19, 1999, and grew up in Santo Tirso. He arrived at FC Porto when he was 11, to play in the Under13 team, and continued to show his quality in every youth team of the club. The goalkeeper had his first golden year in 2016, when he became national champion in Juniors for FC Porto and European champion for the national Under17 squad. In 2018, Diogo Costa again celebrated twice: he won the Premier League International Cup, playing for the B team of the Dragons, and became European champion in Under19, having played four matches in the tournament. Diogo Costa played nearly fifty matches (48) in season 2017/18: 34 matches for the blue and white B team (32 in Ledman Liga Pro and two in the Premier League International Cup), ten for the Under19 team (two in the National Championship in Juniors A and eight in the UEFA Youth League), and four in the Under19 European Cup.



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