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Coach pointed out the fair victory over Estoril (4-0) and praised the presence and support of the fans Sérgio Conceição started the analysis to the match - which ended with FC Porto thrashing Estoril (4-0) in the debut NOS League – talking to the fans: “It is very important to feel this support, this passion they have for the club and this is also passed to the working group”, the coach stated. As for what happened during regular time, the coach praised the justice of the victory in a performance that still had some flaws, but also attitude, passion, commitment and dedication that the coach wants to see always present, be it in matches, or in training. The blue sea “We had a fantastic support from the fans, we are creating a real blue sea and they are truly our 12th player. It is very important to feel this support, this passion that they have for the club, and that is passed to the work group, who also feels it. There is one thing I can promise, we might tie or even lose a match – I hope not –, but attitude, passion, commitment and dedication will always be in play.” The justice of the result “It was a fair victory. In the first-half, in some moments of the match, we could and should have passed the ball faster, even to find space, given the middle/low block Estoril played. Many times, we had some difficulties in finding a more supportive football and to diversify this type of movements. But then, with the course of the match, with our intensity, the constant search to condition the opponent, the way we are motivated, present in the match, other goals came naturally.” Anxiety in the first match “Pressure is always positive. Obviously, the players can feel different in the beginning of the championship, with a need to give a response equal to what was done in the pre-season. This is natural and it’s something that I knew that, as the match moved forward, it would be lost. It’s a normal situation, not only for FC Porto or Estoril, but for all teams, there is always anxiety. It's a good sign, it's a sign that the players are alive, and suspicious of their opponent.” The strength of the group “There were players that were left out today, like André André, João Teixeira, Sérgio Oliveira, Indi, Rafa, Layún, who is sick. All of them, those who play and those who don’t, form a competitive FC Porto, with a healthy fight within the work group, and I think that is what matters the most. There is some sadness for some for not being in the match, but, with domestic competitions and the UEFA Champions League, everyone will have an opportunity to play. The spirit of solidarity of the working group is also one of our strengths.” The injury of Soares “It will be reassessed tomorrow. The medical department will know the severity of the injury more in detail. What the medical department, with whom we are in complete agreement, told me was that he was 100% available for the match, or else I obviously wouldn’t have called him. It was the least good of a very positive game on our part.” The official debut at Estádio do Dragão “I felt great. Like I said in the preview of the match, obviously I was thrilled to know that I was going to have my debut as the head coach in an official match, but today I woke up completely focused on the match, on what we had to do to win.” The FC Porto of Sérgio Conceição “It has to do with a different game idea, I want a team always showing great intensity, with good aggressiveness, constant search for the ball, for goal, always in an organized and balanced way too, which is important, as it conditions the game our opponent is trying to play. We have players with these features and we try to maximize this game idea. It won’t always be like this, we will not always score four goals, but I think this way we will be closer to winning all three points.”

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