FC Porto guaranteed the lead of Group D and the qualification to the Round of 16 of the Champions League

Sérgio Conceição stated FC Porto played a great second-half against Schalke (3-1), on the day the Dragons guaranteed the lead of Group D and the qualification to the Round of 16 of the Champions League.

Consistent performance
“We created two or three opportunities in the first-half and the tie at halftime wasn’t fair. I can’t remember a goal opportunity for them in the first-half. We corrected a few things, the players understood it, and we played a fantastic second-half. We scored two goals and could have scored another two or three. Then we conceded from penalty, and that could have affected the team. But there is confidence and that can be seen on the pitch. We played a great second-half, with a consistent performance, and we are happy for the qualification.”

Attacking variables
“Obviously, I wish I could count on everyone, I would have good headaches, but, with the players we have at our disposal, we have great diversity in solutions for the attack. Those variables allow us to deal with the absence of this or that player. But, obviously, I wish I could count on Aboubakar and Soares for the group stage.”

The goal scored by Militão
“Tactics, set pieces, all that is part of the attacking diversity. Óliver was supposed to volley, but he lost his timing, so he crossed. When he didn’t shoot, I actually got angry, but they I saw the ball going in and everything was fine.”

How far can FC Porto go in the Champions League?
“We can go all the way to Olival tomorrow and prepare for the match at Estádio do Bessa on Sunday.”

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