The chairman of the Dragons believes the international Portuguese central defender is an “asset to the squad”

The return of Pepe to FC Porto is confirmed, and it was the most desired outcome by all parties, as the international Portuguese star returns home, 11 years later. On the day that brought the new number 33 to the Dragons, Pinto da Costa, FC Porto’s chairman, was open about the happiness of having Pepe return to the club in his heart. But, above all, about the determination the player showed in wearing the blue and white again.

A happiness shared by all
“I am obviously happy, as he is an asset to the squad. He is unquestionable in the national team, European champion, and, apart from his value and the desire of the coach in having him at FC Porto, I was moved by the excitement Pepe showed in joining FC Porto. I saw the pressure two big European clubs did on the day we were talking, I realised that he was being offered a contract five or six times bigger, but he was determined in playing for FC Porto. He told his agent that this was his club, that this is where he wanted to be, and, fortunately, he is in a point in his life where he doesn’t need to chase money. You can see in his words and attitude that he is happy to return and we are just as happy as, after so many years away, with an extraordinary career, you can still feel the warmth for the club he left 11 years ago. I’m sure he will be very useful, another role model for the young defenders we have. It was a great move for all.”

Even more excited 11 years later
“I feel he is even more excited now than when he first joined us. He may have been afraid or shy on the first time, but today I felt him excited and that spread to everyone. His agent, Jorge Mendes, told us he had other, better, offers, and that he was surprised himself to see Pepe’s determination in staying at FC Porto, in living here. For all that, I’m sure it was a great deal and that Pepe will be very happy at FC Porto again."

Lucky number
“I know he likes the number 3, but now he is going to have it double. This will make him twice as happy, or, better yet, we will be happy and so will he. It was a great choice for number.”

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