Sérgio Conceição praised the quality of all the players in the squad, in reaction to the victory, the 18th consecutive, over Nacional (3-1)

Happy to get three more points, Sérgio Conceição discussed the importance and quality of each FC Porto player after the victory over Nacional da Madeira (3-1), for matchday 16 of the League. With this victory, the Dragons again increase the advantage to the second place, now taken by Sporting de Braga, six points behind the blue and whites.

Beating a confident opponent
“We knew Nacional would be an opponent who likes to play, they did it in Alvalade, where they created a lot of difficulties right at the start of the game. Still, we were prepared for that. We scored the first and second goals, but, after that, we were somewhat surprised by a quick free-kick that gave Nacional some encouragement. In the second-half, we went in looking for the third, which eventually came. We didn't play a fantastic game, but I think the victory was fair.”

Managing Brahimi
“We knew Brahimi's condition before the match. He was 100% ready to play, and that's why he played. When we made it 3-1, we did the necessary management, not thinking of the next match, but trying to not aggravate his situation, that's all.”

Advantage is not enough
“We are aware of what's going on around us, but, above all, we value our work, our daily focus, and we give a very positive response in preparing for matches. Things have been going well and we have to continue. You can't always win in a spectacular way, but we keep winning. This victory is even more valuable thanks to our opponent's good game.”

Fernando's debut
“There are still a lot of things he needs to understand, as he can play in more than one position. We've tried in the last few days to pass on the information needed for this game, but we're going to keep working and I’m sure he will assimilate, in the near future, what we want for the game.”

Competitiveness of the squad
“We have a very competitive group, they know that. This competition that exists internally is healthy and it has been one of the secrets of this FC Porto.”

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