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Jhonatan prevented Fernando Andrade from scoring in the last play of the match and FC Porto tied in Moreira de Cónegos (1-1) for matchday 21 of Liga NOS

This Friday, FC Porto tied against Moreirense (1-1), in Moreira de Cónegos, for the opening of matchday 21 of Liga NOS. Texeira (79m) scored for the home team and Herrera (90+2m) scored for the Dragons, who now have 51 points. Regardless of what happens in the matchday, the blue and whites will always end it in the lead of the championship.

There was plenty of excitement in the first-half of the match, with the Dragons always taking a dominant posture and keeping their eyes on the goal defended by Jhonatan. Four minutes in, Soares received the ball in the heart of the area, but missed the shot with his left foot. In the following play, Chiquinho shot outside, in the first attempt for the home team (6m). The clock hadn’t reached the 20 minutes mark, and FC Porto had already shot five times, but it was hard to find the way to the net.

It’s not by chance that Moreirense is fifth in the table, and the team kept trying to surprise Casillas, who prevented the home goal as he ran to Heriberto (36m). On the other end of the pitch, Soares almost scored an amazing goal with his heel, but the shot went straight at Jhonatan, with Óliver shooting outside the post in the last play of the first-half (45m+1). Despite the blue and white superiority, the Dragons failed to score before the break.

The second-half was different from the first and FC Porto had more issues to counter the defensive organization set by Moreirense, who reached the advantage with a goal coming from out of nowhere: after a corner-kick, Halliche headed at the top bar and the ball ended in Teixeira, who made it count (79m). Forced to recover, the national champions reached the tie in stoppage time, with Herrera doing the best after a great pass from Otávio (90+2m).

This stoppage time had a lot to talk about, with Jorge Sousa ignoring an obvious tackle on André Pereira from Halliche, just before the area, which would lead to a dangerous free-kick (90+4m). The match was stopped to give medical assistance to André Pereira and Halliche, and, when it was resumed, in the last play of the match, Jhonatan did an amazing save to prevent Fernando Andrade from turning the scoreboard around (90+10m). If you believe in saves that give points, this was one of them.

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