Brazilian fullback recovered on time from the hip injury and was in the starting team in Anfield, but the Dragons lost 2-0 in the first leg of the quarter-finals of the Champions League

After the 2-0 defeat in Anfield, for the first leg of the quarter-finals of the Champions League, the blue and white players showed confidence in a good performance in the second leg and in the recovery. Alex Telles mentioned that FC Porto faced a strong team at home, reminding the good reaction from the Dragons to the defeat in Rome, for the first leg of the Round of 16; Óliver defended that the team deserved a different result; Danilo talked of the possibility for the blue and whites to score two goals next week, at home, to relaunch the round.

Alex Telles
“We are alive. It’s not a positive result, certainly not the one we wanted, but we showed we are strong, despite facing a strong team at home. We know of the difficulties, we are sad for the result, but we are still alive. In the previous round (against Roma), we lost away and managed to win at home. We faced a team that likes to go deep and the strategy was to try to counter that strength. The coach was smart and we did well in many stages of the match. We remained true to what we worked on, we just conceded two goals, but we did well. It was a hard week, with treatment day and night, and sometimes I couldn’t train because I was doing treatment. Many have been playing with pain since the start of the season, but the club deserves every sacrifice. I was playing with a little pain, but I was able to give it all tonight.”

“The result is tricky and so was the match. We went in with full power, but that goal shook us a little, as it came from nowhere. Still, it’s a result that guarantees nothing, we might be able to score two at home and relaunch the round. We had more men in the back than usual, and their goal delayed our strategy. We tried to take control of the match, look for a goal, but ended up conceding the second and our strategy was even more conditioned, but we did well in the second-half and could have scored.”

“We had many chances to score, we deserved a different result. The team left a great image, we knew it would be difficult. We’re going to focus on the championship now, but there’s more next week. We believe. We always believe.”

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