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Sérgio Conceição stated the group is united around the objectives of the season

After the 2-0 in Anfield Road on Tuesday, FC Porto beat Portimonense in Algarve, 3-0, with goals scored by Brahimi, Marega and captain Herrera. At the end of the match, Sérgio Conceição was pleased to get three more points in the path for the title, praising the performance of the team and the commitment of the players given the challenges the Dragons will face until the end of the season.

Mission accomplished
“We won the match, got the three points and we are pleased.”

Importance of the organization
“It was a performance within what we expected. On the attack, Portimonense always creates many problems to every team and they’ve already beaten Sporting and Benfica this season. Today, we didn’t let them use their weapons in the attack. There are many people talking of determination and screaming. Of course you need determination, but a good organization, with a good occupation of space, is fundamental. Portimonense, in one or two situations, caused us some problems, much because of one of the midfielders that kept switching positions in the centre. We corrected that in the second-half, scored the second goal, and had a quieter end of the match. The result is fair.”

Team is more important
“It’s important to have players scoring several goals, but, even more important, is that goals turn to victories. We always give more importance to the performance of the team.”

Managing the squad?
“There was no management, I sent in the best team to win the match. There were players that were used today and not against Liverpool because they weren’t available for that match. Pepe and Manafá are two examples of that.”

Pressure on Benfica
“We aren’t thinking of them, we thought of the three points. We have our path to take, the team has a fantastic spirit and a great acceptance of the daily work. We have to do our job and we will look at the numbers in May.”

Second leg against Liverpool
“I believe we can move forward, but now is not the time to talk of that. Our Champions League is becoming champions in Portugal, but we will obviously do all we can to qualify. We are confident for that match. We need to be nearly perfect to beat them, but I believe we still have a word to say.”

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