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FC Porto chairman showed his support to the goalkeeper

Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa, chairman of FC Porto, showed his support to Iker Casillas. The goalkeeper suffered an acute myocardial infarction during this Wednesday’s morning training, held at Olival.

“Fortunately, the health problem Iker Casillas suffered today didn’t have the consequences it could have. Either way, it forces him to stay at the hospital and to a period of rest and inactivity. First, in my name and in the name of FC Porto, I want to show him we are with him, not because he is a world class player, but because he is a fair man, with an exceptional character, a Man in the true sense of the meaning, and we are all extremely proud that he is one of us”, Pinto da Costa stated.

The FC Porto chairman then completed: “Every one of us, directors, coaches, players, all those that are with him every day, with the objective of winning, will have yet another reason to do everything we can to win the next matches, something that he, such as we, wants. Whatever anyone does from now on, there will have to be extra effort, so that he remains as the player with the most titles in the world. Fight, Casillas! You are Porto!”

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