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Sérgio Conceição did the preview of the 2nd leg of the 3rd qualifying round of the UEFA Champions League against Krasnodar (Tuesday, 20h00)

In the lead in the round, thanks to the 1-0 victory achieved in Russia, the blue and white coach looks at the second match against Krasnodar with responsibility, assuring that the team is focused on victory. At the press conference aimed at previewing the game scheduled for Tuesday (20h00, Porto Canal and FC Porto TV), Sérgio Conceição again stated that the main goal of the blue and white team is to be in the group stage of the UEFA Champions League, but for this the first step is to overcome Krasnodar.

Danilo's injury
“Danilo is conditioned, but we still have to confirm. He did some tests this morning and he is severely limited. We don't know if we can count on him tomorrow, there's a good chance he won't be available for the game. Not because his mind is smaller than his commitment, dedication or motivation, the impossibility is only physical.”

Focusing on objectives
“Every coach fighting for important objectives, namely winning titles, being present in matches like the one tomorrow and playing for the Champions League, and that's what we are focused on. What happened this weekend was not positive, neither for the team, nor for the fans, we are not used to losing. But without lowering our heads and always looking ahead, that’s how the way we look at it. We're aware of what we have tomorrow and we're aware of the importance of the game. We don't depend on the wind, the rain or the state of the pitch to be more or less motivated. We naturally have to be motivated to face an opponent that will allow us to go one step further in what is our ambition to be in the group stage of the Champions League. We're going to fight to win the tach tomorrow and try to reach the knockout stage.”

Analysis to Krasnodar
"We are going to face an opponent who will remain true to their identity. It's a team that likes to have the ball, likes to take over the match; they were a little different in the first match, mostly due to their knowledge of our team. We're prepared for various scenarios, but we are in the lead, winning by 1-0 in the round. Nothing has been achieved, as, in my opinion, this is a misleading result, se we have to start the match without thinking of this advantage. We have to start the match as if everything was reset and we have to try to score goals and not concede. We know what Krasnodar is capable of, we have seen their matches and know who they have in the squad. We are prepared for different situations, and now it’s up to us, of what we want for the match and the attitude we carry with us, to win.”

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