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FC Porto reached the third consecutive victory, this time against Vitória de Guimarães (3-0)

Sérgio Conceição was pleased with the blue and white victory over, for matchday four of the League, but admitted the team could have done more in some moments of the match. Either way, the main objective was reached and FC Porto remains on the right track.

Fair score at halftime
“First, I want to congratulate Vitória, for the excellent match they played under the circumstances of being down one man so early. We scored and, given we had one more player, we thought it would be easy. In football, things are harder when you stop doing your job. We were too predictable on the attack and failed to lure Vitória, as they remained compact. We failed to create opportunities, so the result at halftime was fair.”

Better in the second-half
“In the second-half, we started better and forced them to move up. They came back eager to score, but we were the ones who scored two more, which was unfair given what happened. We weren’t as efficient, despite expecting them to bring four midfielders, we could have done more, but we should have done more, Vitória started believing and created problems.”

Everyone matters
“Otávio was important, Mbemba was important, as they were decisive. The spirit everyone has is fantastic, the spirit of contributing to the team.”

Stoppage for national duty
“Of course it’s important to stabilize. This is what’s normal for us, winning matches. Now we will have several players going out for national duty, but the rest will remain and it will also give us the chance to watch several youngsters and do our job with calm. It’s always best to work on victories.”

Difficult match cycle
“The stoppage will be beneficial, even if it would be better if every player remained. The more time to work we have, the better. After the national duty, we will start a difficult match cycle. Now we have to rest, understand what’s being done right and not so right, and work on those.”

Compliment to the behaviour of the fans
“I want to thank the support from start to end, even when we weren’t as well. They had a fantastic attitude. If we had matched the attitude of the audience, we would have scored more goals.”

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