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Sérgio Conceição believes the blue and white victory in Portimão was fair (3-2), for matchday five of Liga NOS

With the goals scored by Alex Telles (25m), from penalty, Zé Luís (45m) and Marcano (90m+8), FC Porto bateu o Portimonense (3-2), at the Portimão Stadium, for matchday five of the championship. After the fourth consecutive victory in the competition, Sérgio Conceição talked of the “positive spirit” that allowed the Dragons to get the three points in Algarve. According to the blue and white coach, with so many wasted chances, there was no need to wait for minute eight of stoppage time to get the victory.

Victory of the team
“The goal was scored by Marcano, but the team was decisive. For the positive spirit and for everything we did during the match, this was a well-deserved victory. We created several opportunities to score and we could have sealed the match in many occasions. The match was under control and, all of a sudden, we conceded two goals. Sometimes, coaches complicated matches and today I did that. Those who understand about football know what I’m saying. Today, I was the one complicating the match. The goal in the last second shows the soul this team has. In that regard, I have a great squad.”

Three important points
“Unlike what many are saying, our difficulties were obvious today. Portimonense played with a lot of attitude and soul to try to counter us, but FC Porto also went in strong in this match, especially until 75 minutes in. It wasn’t a match to manage the team. Romário was injured, Zé Luís was able to recover and we had a lot of players in difficulties. We chose to take our chances as we knew how difficult this was going to be and how important these three points are. What Portimonense did just adds to our victory.”

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