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Sérgio Conceição regretted the opportunities wasted by the Dragons in Rotterdam, in the defeat against Feyenoord (2-0)

This Thursday, FC Porto lost to Feyenoord (2-0), in Rotterdam, for matchday two of Group G of Europa League. After the match, Sérgio Conceição stated that the Dragons lacked aggressiveness when applying pressure, but believes the end result is unfair considering the many opportunities wasted. Among them, three shots that hit the posts: two in the bar and one in the post.

Pressure not aggressive enough
“We started the match well, controlling the ball. Right at the start, Nakajima came close to scoring, but couldn’t make it count. 25 minutes in, Feyenoord had yet to reach our goal. We had another occasion with Pepe before the break, but their goalkeeper had a good save. We weren’t as aggressive in our pressure and that gave Feyenoord room to move. We tried to correct some things at halftime, but we conceded the first goal right at the start of the second-half, in a confusing play.”

Efficiency made the difference
“This was one of those matches where we could have played more and more and create four or five opportunities. Our aggressiveness is one of our strengths, but we didn’t do well in that regard. We didn’t deserve to lose, much less by two goals, but the ones who score are the ones who win. We have to look at what we could have and should have done better. Everyone has three points and we will do all we can to qualify to the next stage.”

Rangers is next
“We want to win, obviously. We have to look ahead. We knew Feyenoord’s weaknesses, but they were at a higher level than in recent past. We were also at a lower level than we usually are.”

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