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After the victory over Desportivo das Aves (1-0), Sérgio Conceição left a message of union to the fans

This Sunday, FC Porto returned to victories, after beating Desportivo das Aves (1-0), at Estádio do Dragão, for matchday 10 of the Liga NOS. At the end of the match, Sérgio Conceição praised the three points as the most important, and left a message of union to the fans.

Match analysis
“The result is always what matters the most, people don’t remember good performances. We obviously want to add that to a positive dynamic and to the creation of opportunities. Tonight and in Madeira we created a lot of opportunities, but we know there aren’t easy matches. I remember seeing many matches in the last years in which FC Porto created one goal opportunity per match. We always want good performances, but we also have to give credit to the defensive actions of the opponent. Sometimes, we complicated what seemed easy, but we still didn’t allow them to create anything, while we had many opportunities. There is always a feeling of mistrust and that’s not good for the players. I have to talk to the fans, as they were always our 12th player since I got here. We are in the fight and we will surely give a good response.”

Message to the fans
“The players always have to be prepared for the pressure and demand of playing in a club such as FC Porto. There are days when things don’t turn out how we want them, and that’s when we need to stay together. I said it in Madeira, and I will say it again, we are stronger together, and people need to understand that. When things don’t go right, the nation needs to stay together.”

Bruno Costa
“I looked at the match and set the best strategy. There is a group of players available, and I choose the ones that are better to start the match.”

The penalty on Bruno Costa
“We started the match well, and scored an early goal. We could have scored the second 24 minutes in, in a clear penalty that wasn’t flagged. I don’t see how Bruno Costa could fall in the area by himself. I don’t get it.”

“Corona has played fantastic matches as a winger. Sometimes, the inspiration isn’t there, but I like it when effort is, and he always gives everything he has.”

“I think it has to do with having the opportunity of killing the match, but not doing so, and from coming from a less positive result. For us, at FC Porto, a tie is negative. When the performance on the pitch isn’t great, that leads to uncertainty, the feeling finds its way to the stands, and then to the players.”

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