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"Many Faces", by James, is the motto for a message of inclusion

“There's only one
Human race
Many faces
Everybody belongs here.”

There are many faces, but only one human race. Everyone belongs here.

This is the message behind the music “Many Faces”, by James, a song on equality that will be heard for the first time at Estádio do Dragão, next Friday, before matchday 17 of the League, against SC Braga.

This is another event part of the FC Porto policy on promoting inclusion, respect and equality. The club always acknowledged its responsibility on raising the society’s awareness on subjects as important as equality, fighting against any sort of social or territorial discrimination.

In line with the objectives of a sustainable development, this is a campaign that, by making use of the message of the song - which is part of the 2018 album “Living in Extraordinary Times”, released by James -, also intends to make younger generations aware of the negative consequences of an attitude of discrimination.

Aware that actions mean more than words, FC Porto, together with Saul Davies, the guitarist of the British band, created this multimedia campaign that will be seen and heard not just at Estádio do Dragão, but also at Dragão Arena and in other locations or events where FC Porto can be found.  For that, a special edition of the music, with guest musicians, was created and will be presented at the home of the Dragons this Friday. An original video was also created and will be presented at the stadium and in the different media of the club.

Tiago Gouveia, Marketing director of FC Porto, explained that the idea of the club is exactly to amplify the concept behind the music. “This is an extraordinary song, but, more importantly for us, it holds a powerful message, relevant for our days. It’s an anthem to equality, to which FC Porto proudly associates itself, as we understand we have to do everything we can to carry this type of message, fully in line with the values of our club, and, above all, because we see it as our social responsibility to the community. Football is a powerful means to carry a message and we must merge it with the values of the club”, Tiago Gouveia stated.

Teresa Santos, head of the Sustainability department of FC Porto, reinforced the idea: “This is another event that comes in line with what we have been doing throughout the years with our members and fans, but also with the community, as we cannot forget that FC Porto is a club deeply connected to the region. It is our responsibility to do our share for a fairer world, and these initiatives may influence the community to think of the issue. Football should be the perfect example of social inclusion and integration!”

Saul Davies, from James, said that “discrimination has no place in modern society, whether that be based on the colour of your skin, your age, your religion, gender or sexual orientation.”

“So we, as artists, sportsmen and sportswomen, must stand up for tolerance and promote fairness and understanding whenever we can. I am so proud to be able to be part of this initiative with FC Porto, to bring together a great sporting institution with a great song for wider benefit. After all, we are all members of one human race and we all belong here…”, ended.

The musical moment will count on special guests - to be announced - performing on the pitch at the stadium, and will occur before kick-off, scheduled for 19h00.

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