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Sérgio Conceição regretted the unfortunate night the Dragons had in the 1-0 defeat in the final of the League Cup, against Sporting de Braga

The goal scored by SC Braga, on the last minute of stoppage time, determined the defeat in the final of the League Cup. Sérgio Conceição talked of how the Dragons were unfortunate in the match and of the need to “look inside” to return to victories.

Goal on the last minute
“There were a couple of rebounds and the ball ended up going to one of their players, in the last play of the match. Again, we were unfortunate in a match that could have gone for either team. It was an intense match. SC Braga against showed some characteristics that aren’t always seen during the season, in a positive way. Congratulations to SC Braga and we need to look inside. The entire team needs to be accounted for, starting by me. And I’m not talking of the work group; I’m talking about everyone, as it becomes difficult to work under certain conditions. It was a hard first year, without reinforcements and without money. In the second year, there was no sporting truth, and, this year, there is no union in the club. So, right now, my continuity is in the hands of the chairman.”

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