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Dragons left Fontelo with a 1-1 tie against Académico de Viseu, in the first leg of the semi-final of the Portuguese Cup

FC Porto tied 1-1 at Estádio do Fontelo, against Académico de Viseu, in the semi-final of the Portuguese Cup. The blue and whites were unable to break the tie in the city of Viriato, but do have the advantage of the away goal for the decisive match at Estádio do Dragão.

Sérgio Conceição did eight changes in the starting team, and the first dangerous opportunity came from two of those changes. Two minutes in, Vítor Ferreira, debuting in the starting team of the main squad, passed to Marega, who missed the lob on Ricardo Fernandes. The team currently playing in the Second League was quick to reply and, six minutes in, João Pica moved up for a free-kick, headed for goal, but the ball deflected on Zé Luís, and, despite not going for goal, led to a save for Diogo Costa.

In a first-half with few clear goal opportunities, the distant shot from Fernando Ferreira (42m) and a direct free-kick from Marega (44m), deflected on João Mário, are also worth mentioning.

FC Porto returned for the second-half determined to change the match. Vítor Ferreira (50m) and Zé Luís (58m) did their first attempts before the goal: the midfielder started the play that gave the ninth goal of the season for the striker. Like in the first-half, the home team was able to react and tied the match with João Mário (70m), heading the ball in after a cross on the right from Kelvin.

Until the end, Vítor Ferreira (76m), Nakajima (77m), replacing Luis Díaz, and Loum (91m) came close to scoring and giving the team better conditions to move on to the final. In between, Tecatito Corona, another substitution in the second-half, called for a penalty following a tackle from Luisinho.

The fight for Jamor continues on the 12th, at Estádio do Dragão, starting at 20h45, for the second leg. FC Porto will now focus on the home match against Benfica, for matchday 20 of the championship.   


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