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Sérgio Conceição analysed the match of the first leg of the semi-finals of the Portuguese Cup, against Académico de Viseu (1-1)

The 1-1 tie in Viseu, against Académico means that FC Porto is in the lead for the second leg of the semi-finals of the Portuguese Cup, but Sérgio Conceição is not pleased, as he stated, after the match, that the Dragons could “have done more in the first-half” to win. The “clear penalty” on Tecatito Corona, in stoppage time, was also addressed, and the coach again stated that going to the final at Estádio do Jamor is one of the objectives of the season.

Eight changes in the starting team
“The team is identified with what we want. If I talk of showing full confidence on every player and how the squad is balanced, I can’t complain about the changes. We decided on them. We should have done more in the first-half. Right at the start, we had a goal chance, with Marega in front of goal. It’s true that we had a lot of possession, but we weren’t accurate in the last third of the match. In the second-half, we created more goal situations to go to the second leg with a better advantage. In the only shot on goal they had, Académico had the merit of tying the match. It was also our fault, for the lack of efficiency. Now we will have to look at the second leg, at Estádio do Dragão, to get to the final. We are eager to go to Estádio do Jamor, it’s one of the objectives, but we have to do more than we did tonight.”

The moment in the area
“I still haven’t watched the play again. From the dugout, it seemed like a clear penalty. In fact, Corona doesn’t usually give up. He was in pain, so it wasn’t a light touch. I didn’t have the opportunity to see it on TV, but the time wasting, the lack of control of the match... I hope there are improvements on Saturday, not just from the referees, but also the video referee.”

Vítor Ferreira in the starting team
We count on everyone. If he played, that’s because he has quality and is doing a good job. The others that played also deserved to be here. We changed eight players in comparison to the last match, but, I will say it again, means nothing. We should have done more in the first-half. The second-half was better, with a lot of possession. We had two or three opportunities to increase the advantage, but we missed them. That’s what football is all about. We are going to analyse this match, but, starting tomorrow, we are fully focused on Saturday’s match.”


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