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FC Porto beat Boavista (4-0) in the longest night of the city and is alone in the lead of the championship, three points ahead of Benfica

Porto is blue and white. In the derby at Porto, right at the start of the night of São João, FC Porto proved to be far better than Boavista (4-0), clearing any questions regarding the blue and white firepower. Playing at home, the blue and whites again started the match well, in spite of the tie that reached the break. The home coach did two changes at halftime and found the missing piece to the lack of efficiency of the team against the deep defence the men from Bessa used.

To counter the defensive strategy of the opponent, which included 5 defenders, Sérgio Conceição chose to send in 5 offensive players: Otávio, Tecatito Corona, Luis Díaz, Marega and Soares. And, just as in the previous matches, the Dragons started the match on top. Three minutes in, Sérgio Oliveira had a good chance, from a free-kick just outside the area. FC Porto was playing in the opposing midfield and the blue and white defensive midfielder created danger again, when he sent the ball straight at Pepe’s head, who barely missed the goal. The best play in the first-half was created by Tomás Esteves and Corona. The two wreaked havoc on the right, with the youngster finally passing to Marega with his heel, but the Malayan's shot was stopped.

The last minutes of the first-half weren’t as exciting. FC Porto remained in control of the match, Boavista remained true to the strategy of playing long balls, and there was only another goal situation during stoppage time. From his favourite side, Marega crossed low and strong, but Soares did the nearly impossible, and, with his heel, missed what seemed a certain goal. 

During the break, Sérgio Conceição wanted to change his team, with two substitutions that would prove to be decisive for the outcome of the match. Manafá and Matheus Uribe replaced Tomás Esteves and Luis Díaz, and, 53 minutes in, the decision proved to be good: in a play that started in Manafá, Otávio found Uribe, the Colombian passed to Corona, and the winger, with all his skill, did a perfect pass to Marega. The forward was calmer than in the first-half and made it count in front of Helton Leite. The people outside of the stadium could use their fireworks, the first of the evening was scored. Five minutes later, the same Marega came up in shooting range again, and was only stopped by a tackle. Gustavo Dulanto tackled the blue and white number 11 and Artur Soares Dias was quick to signal the penalty spot. Alex Telles, returning from ban, took the penalty and was able to beat the goalkeeper. Ball to one end, goalkeeper to the other, 2-0 for the Dragons. 

Porto felt like the only team playing at this point. Boavista was unable to deal with the blue and white offensive avalanche and conceded another penalty. Dulanto did it again, but this time with his hand, again going up against Marega. This time, it was Sérgio Oliveira taking the penalty kick for the third goal of the longest night in Porto. With the advantage increased, the blue and white coach used all his substitutions and sent in Fábio Silva, Danilo and Fábio Vieira, but those thinking FC Porto would slow down were wrong. The number 50 youngster showed why he was called to the starting team and, with his left foot, gave Marega the chance to score again. The Malian forward had time and class to turn the pass into the first assistance for Fábio Vieira in Liga NOS. The derby at Porto ended 4-0 for the biggest club in the city, scoring as many goals and getting as many points as Santa Clara had done at Estádio da Luz, moments before, which helped increase the blue and white lead over Benfica.

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