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At the end of the last matchday of the championship, Sérgio Conceição was upset with the defeat, but praised the performance of the players in the first-half

FC Porto went in with a streak of six consecutive victories, and, according to Sérgio Conceição, approached this match aiming at getting three more points. After the final whistle, the blue and white coach praised the “great first-half for FC Porto” and the efficiency of SC Braga, who “tied in the first shot on goal”. “I’m never upset or displeased when there is a technical error”, the blue and white coach admitted, before explaining what he doesn’t enjoy: “I’m upset when there is no competitive attitude”. The Portuguese Cup final may have “gotten to the players”, but that was not caused by Sérgio Conceição: “I didn’t ask or prepare for that.”

Great first-half for the blue and whites
“It was a great first-half for FC Porto. We were able to score a goal, we had another two or three situations, even a goal that was disallowed for off-side. I think that Braga never reached our goal, never got a shot on goal. In the second-half, when they scored, we had a player on the ground, Luis Díaz. The play continued, carried on, the referee signalled a foul, when we have an injured player. In a lost ball, on their first shot on goal, SC Braga ties the match. Obviously, that boosted their confidence, seeing that they really needed to win the match, as did we. For the three points, for what we did, for how we deserved to end, and it wasn’t like this. After what we did in the first-half, until minute 55, when we conceded that goal. And then, after we removed Luis, due to what had been prepared in terms of strategy, and with the players that ended the match not fully understanding what we wanted, SC Braga was somewhat better close to the end of the match.”

Dragons went in to win
“I believe that those who have been playing the most, and that was clear, gave everything. We came here to win the match, what I may check is that one or two players that went in didn’t fully understand the strategy. I’m never upset or displeased when there is a technical error. What I do get upset about is when there is no competitive attitude. We need to show competitive attitude until the end. This is a match for which we concluded we had to remain true to ourselves. Especially because we were away from competition for three months. These players have been regular for some matches now. When a season ends, we have vacations for a month and a half, and we had twice as much this year. The players were well, they need to play. As we resumed the competition, the team continued to improve, and tonight was another important match for us to get three points. Obviously, in terms of objectives of the team, we’re close to the Portuguese Cup Final. Maybe it got to the players, but it shouldn’t have, because I didn’t ask or prepare for that.”

Zé Luís going in at halftime
“It had to do with Soares feeling tired.”

Severity of the injury sustained by Matheus Uribe
“We don’t know yet.”

Luis Díaz going out with physical conditions
“I don’t think it’s anything to worry about.”

Coaches with not so good days
“I’m going to close this match and congratulate the players for the championship. Because we are the champions, no matter whom it hurts. And now there is a title to fight for in the next match. We are strong, as it was clear at the start of the match. For every detail, and some substitutions I made, I wasn’t fortunate in what I changed. But that’s how it is, even coaches have not so good days.”

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