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Diogo Leite closed the scoreboard in the victory over Belenenses SAD (4-0)

FC Porto ended season 2020/21 with a big victory at home, 4-0, over Belenenses SAD. After 28 consecutive matches without losing - the biggest undefeated streak in Europe -, Diogo Leite described the score as a “good victory” thanks to a “match well-played from the first minute”. According to the last scorer of the evening, there is a “bitter feeling” as the team didn’t win the title - that’s what “feeds the club”, but the focus is already on next season: “We will learn from this and become stronger”.

Diogo Leite
“We wanted to end the year well, we knew it was our last match and we wanted a good victory. It was a match well-played from the first minute all the way to the end. It’s always special to score with this shirt, I hadn’t done it in a while. Scoring a goal with this shirt has a special feeling and is always important for me. From the first day, we tried to give FC Porto the soul needed to fight for every competition. That’s what we did. There’s a bitter feeling, but we need to raise our heads and think of the next season. We can’t say it was a positive season, as this club feeds on titles. We couldn’t do it, but we will learn from it and become stronger.”

“The championship was more important than any record and we did everything to make it happen. I’m proud to be in this club. I’m privileged to play football, especially in a winning club, with such an impressive history. We always try to respect it in the best possible way.”

Toni Martínez
“We knew how important this match was. We had to get on the pitch and give everything we have, to honour the symbol we carry on our chest, and I believe we did just that. I think we had some matches where we weren’t worthy of the club and those small details made the difference to fail our main objective. This will help us reach the next season aware of our mistakes and get back to where we belong. Personally, this is a great moment for me, I’m a little sad that the season is ending now, as I would have liked to play ten or fifteen more matches. I’m ending the season in a good moment and that just makes me want to come back, hungry.”

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