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FC Porto ended 2020/21 with a big win over Belenenses SAD (4-0) at Estádio do Dragão

FC Porto ended 2020/21 with a big win over Belenenses SAD (4-0), at Estádio do Dragão, for matchday 34, the last one, of the championship. Mehdi Taremi, Marko Grujic, Toni Martínez and Diogo Leite were the scorers for the Dragons, who ended the main national competition in the second place, with 80 points.

Before the start of the match, the usual triple homage paid by Belenenses SAD to three important men in the history of FC Porto who passed away too early: Pavão, Reinaldo Teles and Alfredo Quintana. After a deeply emotional moment, came a match that was clearly dominated by FC Porto in the first 45 minutes, even if the team coming from Lisbon did create some dangerous plays for Marchesín. Before the quarter hour mark, the Dragons moved ahead of the scoreboard, with Mehdi Taremi scoring one of the easiest goals in his career, thanks to a pass from Otávio, who recovered the ball just outside the area (14m).

The first warning from Belenenses came from a powerful shot from Cassierra, who only just missed it (22m), shortly before Marko Grujic made it 2-0: João Mário dribbled Rúben Lima on the right wing and crossed late to the area, with the Serbian midfielder coming from behind (28m). In the following play, Silvestre Varela hit the top bar of the blue and white goal (30m), and then referee João Bento prevented the 3-0. In a completely random decision, the referee coming from Santarém signalled a foul on Otávio in the pass that allowed the Iranian forward to score (32m). In the free-kick that should not have been called, Sérgio Oliveira forced Kritciuk to a great save (33m).

Before the break, there was a great save from Marchesín to a shot from Miguel Cardoso (36m). The second-half pretty much started with the third goal for FC Porto: Mehdi Taremi recovered the ball up on the pitch and gave the glory to Toni Martínez, who made it count (50m). The match started to lose intensity and goal situations became scarce, with the exception made for Diogo Leite, who sealed the victory with a goal “made in Olival”: Fábio Vieira took a perfect free-kick and the central defender headed it in (81m). And that was the end of a big victory in the farewell to 2020/21.

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