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Sérgio Oliveira scored twice in FC Porto’s 5-0 victory over Sintrense in the third round of the Portuguese Cup

With two goals in just ten minutes, Sérgio Oliveira paved the way for FC Porto’s impressive win over Sintrense (5-0), which allowed the Dragons to qualify for the fourth round of the Portuguese Cup. After the match, the blue and white midfielder praised the serious attitude that the blue and white team showed “from the first to the last minute”, because “these matches reveal the great teams and today we were a great team”.

Mission accomplished
“It was a match where we could have lost everything. We had the obligation to win and to be serious about it, as the coach stated, something that we did from the first to the last minute. The maximum respect we can show to the opponent is to play at full speed.”

Two weeks of preparation
“We had two weeks to work on this and that gave us time to prepare well for the match. Those that stayed in Olival were focused in the best possible way. These matches reveal the great teams and today we were a great team.”

The success of the team is what matters the most
“I don’t have to take my opportunities, I just have to give my best whenever the coach calls me. Whoever plays, what matters is to win.”

Next up is AC Milan
“It’s an all-or-nothing match for us and we will approach it with the utmost seriousness, like we did tonight.”

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