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Sérgio Oliveira believes FC Porto could have returned from England with a different result

FC Porto is leaving Anfield with a negative result, but remains in one of the qualifying positions in Group B of the Champions League, as AC Milan won in Madrid. At the end of a match that could (and should) have had a different outcome, Sérgio Oliveira praised the “competent match” the Dragons played, with the team “not being effecting when shooting for goal” and admitting that they now have to “give everything in the last match”. As for Otávio, the midfielder admitted that the blue and whites should have “sealed the match” and made a warning for the final match, against Atlético, at Estádio do Dragão: “We have to go in with ambition, determination to win, and actually win, as it’s all down to what we do”.

Sérgio Oliveira
“It sounds like a contradiction, but I think we played a pretty competent match here at Anfield. We lost 2-0, but, until Thiago scored, a goal where we actually defended well, but he was just superb on the second ball, we could have won by two or three goals. But, in football, you have to score, and we didn’t, so we paid for it. Obviously, we should have been more effective shooting for goal, we know that. But what can we say? We have to give it all in the last match, because reaching the last matchday still in the fight for the qualification to the Round of 16, in a group like this, makes us proud. We’re going into the last match to win, of course. We’re sad, because every time we lose we feel sad. If we play a not so competent match, we feel bad, but losing is always a reason to feel sad and we have to think about what we did. Tomorrow, we will be working, to learn from the mistakes we made, and try to score in the next match.”

“The only thing missing were the goals. In the first-half we had plenty of chances, I had a play where I was alone with the goalkeeper and missed. But that’s part of football, we had to seal the match. They scored and were fortunate in their victory. Now, it’s up to us to qualify to the next round. At Estádio do Dragão, with a full stadium, with our fans, it will be a great match and we want to qualify to the Round of 16. We have to go in with ambition, determination to win, and actually win, as it’s all down to what we do.”

“We prepared for the match well, to stop Liverpool from being so strong and we managed that for a long time. In the first-half we had a few chances to score. We weren’t fortunate, we made some bad decisions when it came to shooting for goal, as we should have scored. But we tried to do what the coach asked us to do. I’m happy for playing my 200th match for FC Porto, but sad that we lost. I went in with an injury that I picked up almost a week ago. I felt some pain, on Tuesday. I wasn’t training, trying very hard to come back quickly. I tried to do my best to help my team, but, unfortunately, I couldn’t finish the match. I felt something two or three minutes before I left, when I was in the midfield, and I was trying to stop the pain. Unfortunately, I couldn’t handle it and so I asked to be replaced.”

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