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Sérgio Conceição believes FC Porto was true to itself in the second-half in the turnaround against Estoril, away (3-2)

FC Porto was losing 2-0 going to the break, but ended the match with a 3-2 victory over Estoril,  taking the lead in the Portugal Bwin League alone, as the Dragons now have three more points than  Sporting. After matchday 17, the last of the first turn, Sérgio Conceição admitted that the blue and whites could have and should have “done more” in the first 45 minutes, but the second-half was “worthy of Porto”, leading to the 15th victory in 17 matches in the main domestic competition.

Resume of the match
“The result is fair, as we faced a very well worked team, aggressive in the defence and always trying to condition our dynamics, although I think we could have done more in the first-half. We didn’t start the match as united as we should have been. We knew how good they are, individually and as a team, but we should have done more in the first-half. The result was fair for Estoril at halftime. In the second-half, we were the team we usually are, an aggressive team, not allowing much to the opponent. We scored and the result is fair. The persistence and the belief of the players paid off. There are matches like this. Those who watched it, saw a great football match. It was another important victory, as all are.”

Limitations caused by the pandemic, but not just that
“This moment we are going through is not easy. It’s obvious that every coach wants to have all players available, but we also have some absences in our team. We tried to do our best as coaches and the players committed. Estoril has a lot of quality, but it was up to us to go in to get a positive result, facing a dangerous team, with moveable players up front.”

Hugging Francisco Conceição
“Francisco did his job and the goal he scored gave us the victory. In other situations, other players did that. That heartfelt hug was for Francisco this time, but it’s meant for all those that commit to the match with ambition, determination and the will to win. We can’t always win, but when those ingredients are on the pitch, as they were in the second-half, they know that the coach gives them that credit.”

Alone in the lead
“Before the, match, I said that there was still one full turn to go. Nothing is won yet and we still think like that. It was an important battle and we won it, but there is a lot to improve, as we saw in the first-half.”

The winter transfer window
“We can’t guess what will happen. Players have a release fee and, if anyone pays it, there is nothing we can do. It’s FC Porto’s intention to keep the players we think are important for the team. For me, all players are important. We have a strong group and the proof of that was the break. Today, it was difficult for the coaching team to give something more to the team, but we did well in the way we read the match.”

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