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FC Porto beat Estoril (2-0) and broke the record of the League for most points won

There is a new record for points won in the League. FC Porto, the 2021/2022 national champion, made it to 91 points after beating Estoril (2-0), and is now at the top of the history of the main national competition. Joãozinho (own goal) and Fernando Andrade scored the goals of the afternoon that completed the title for the blue and whites.

Cláudio Ramos debuted in the League with the blue and white shirt, but the first 45 minutes had him, for the most of it, attend a one way match, played in the opposing midfield. The Dragons, mostly from the right - although Zaidu was always cheered when he got the ball -, kept trying to break the yellow wall, which was a tough shell to break in the entire first-half. A lot of possession, but not enough shots led to the break coming without goals for either side, in front of a full stadium with the entire Porto Nation, eager to celebrate.

The celebrations were saved for the second-half and they came quickly. 48 minutes in, after Pepe recovered the ball close to the opposing area, the ball got to Zaidu, who, from the left wing, crossed with power and Joãozinho deflected into his own goal. The scoreboard was finally open. Shortly after the hour mark, with Francisco Conceição and Fábio Vieira already on the pitch, the clear goal opportunities started coming.

63 minutes in, Otávio crossed from the edge of the area and Taremi headed at the corner of the goal, but the shot went out. Right after that, Francisco Conceição got the ball near the opposing area and placed the shot, but Thiago da Silva saved it. Finally, 67 minutes in, after a good play on the right wing, Fábio Vieira shot at the near post, but the goalkeeper also saved that one. With 20 minutes to go, Cláudio Ramos had his chance to shine: after a cross to the far post, the goalkeeper did a great save, much to the delight of the stands.

The last ten minutes had some surprises for the national champions. Sérgio Conceição sent in Rúben Semedo and Fernando Andrade, and the Brazilian forward, in a volley, just three minutes after going in, scored his first in the League and made the stadium jump in celebration. There was also time for Francisco Meixedo to get his debut for the main squad and become national champion as well. The 2021/2022 edition of the national championship was completed with FC Porto getting three more points and making it to 91, a record in the competition. 40 years with Pinto da Costa as chairman, celebrating titles, records and many victories.

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