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Sérgio Conceição is one happy coach, a record holder in points won in Portuguese football

FC Porto is the ultimate champion in Portugal after beating Estoril (2-0), at Estádio do Dragão, for the last matchday of the Portuguese Bwin League. After the match that allowed the blue and whites to make it to 91 points, an absolute record in Portuguese football, Sérgio Conceição talked in particular about the goal scored by Fernando Andrade and didn't forget the Porto Nation that took all seats available in the afternoon of the match that ended the title of 2021/22 national champions: "It's time to enjoy, live, everyone in their own way, together with this beautiful blue and white family".

The resume the match
"It was a normal match for me, one that we wanted to win. We didn't do so well in some situations, which are acceptable, with and without the ball. It's normal. Many of these players were in the youth squads two or three years ago and now they are celebrating this much deserved title. It's time to enjoy, live, everyone in their own way, together with this beautiful blue and white family. When we won two years ago, we couldn't enjoy this celebration with all the fans. I just did my job, the players deserved to win, and I also want to thank everyone working every day at Olival, for their dedication, for their determination in winning, and for dealing with my demand every day, which I know is not easy. That goes for the good times and for the not so good times. Congratulations to all."

The goal scored by Fernando Andrade
"I was moved. Fernando had a great start of the season with us, he was loaned, picked up a bad injury, and I was asked if he could join us again to do his recovery at FC Porto. I obviously said yes, and he did, he was one of us and he still is. We watched over him the last couple of months, seeing his pain and dedication, and he always had this fantastic spirit. His mindset is truly amazing. That was the reason behind this reward, which he earned. I don't reward people by chance. Francisco Meixedo, Cláudio Ramos, Rúben Semedo and Fernando Andrade received what they fought for. They are champions as well."

The Porto nation
"It's something we missed. The fans were happy two years ago, I was happy as well, but we now have all that we need to celebrate even harder."

What his parents would say right now
"They would tell me their tremendous sacrifice was worth it, to raise me and my brothers. I promised them that each day for me would be spent trying to be a better man in whatever I did, to become the better professional I could be. Full dedication to thank them and dedicate everything to them. They are next to me every day, in my thoughts. They passed away, but they are with me always."

The Portuguese Cup after the celebration
"I'm not one to party. I'll be on the bottom floor of the bus, having a beer, and that's good for me. One, two, a couple of beers. After tomorrow, I'll start thinking of the Portuguese Cup."

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