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Sérgio Conceição was happy after the victory over the Portuguese Cup (3-1)

After the match that made him the first Portuguese coach to win two Doubles – thank to the victory over Tondela, by 3-1 –, Sérgio Conceição stated that “records only matter when you win titles”, admitted that this was the “icing on the cake” and that the “feeling is great”. As for the squad, the coach stated that, in terms of determination and ambition, “this is the best group” that he has led.

Ending the misfortune at Jamor and the determination of the team
“Last time, in Jamor, we lost in penalties, today we are happy. Like I said yesterday, at the press conference, this was the icing on the cake. It was a fantastic season for the players, congratulations to them. This feeling is great. I celebrated here as a player and now I celebrate as a coach. It’s me, the coaches, the different departments that work with us every day, with a lot of competition and, obviously, a lot of quality in the players. But, more important than the individual quality of the players, is the way they work, with tremendous determination and ambition. I want to say that this was perhaps the best group I found in that regard.”

Records supported by titles
“Records are important when you win titles. We won two titles this season, the two most important in terms of domestic competitions. We are happy, it was a great year. We faced many difficulties, our opponents had a great season as well. Our path until the final was undefeated in the Portuguese Cup. We faced our two main rivals and won. Today was the icing on the cake. The players remained focused, folly concentrated. And we had full respect for Tondela. That is also why we won here, with full credit. The result was even short for what we did.”

The desire to go up the stairs in Jamor
“It was easy, even though I ran almost 20 kms today. After this victory, it could have been 300 steps.”

The match analysis
“In the first-half, we weren’t at our best level, but remained in control of the match and didn’t allow the opponent to do anything. The success today had to do with the work we developed during the week and with the respect we had for Tondela. It was important to remain balanced in the match, and that showed our respect for Tondela. I didn’t bluff yesterday, this was a reflection of the work we did during the week.”

The team
“Otávio is an important player, he has been working with me for many years, he is able to understand what the match needs. We talk a lot. I want to praise the work group, everyone deserves. Those that went in remain competitive because the teammates that don’t play as often make them competitive. Congratulations to all players, they had a fantastic season.”

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