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Gonçalo Borges and Danny Namaso talked for the team after the match against Club Brugge (4-0)

FC Porto conceded a  heavy defeat against Club Brugge (4-0) in their debut at home for the Champions League. At the end of a match to forget, Gonçalo Borges talked of a “difficult” result, “which is never normal” in a club with the prestige FC Porto has and that everyone will have to “face it”. Danny Namaso, who made his debut in the Champions League, thinks it is “difficult to say what went wrong” after a match that “seemed impossible for FC Porto to go the way it went”.

Gonçalo Borges
“It is never normal for us to concede four goals. It was a complicated match, we should have been better in front of our fans, at our home in the Champions League, where all the players want to play. I’m sure the entire group will work hard to make up for it in the next match. It’s tough, but it’s part of improvement. We’re not used to losing and, when we lose, we have to face defeat head on and admit our mistakes. What we talk about on the circle stays in the circle, we talk amongst the team and now we will work to make it up to our fans.”

Danny Namaso
“I’m happy for my debut, but we can’t play like this. For FC Porto this should be impossible. In the first-half we played well, we were unlucky with the penalty, but, in the second -half, they scored twice in seven minutes and it was difficult for those who were on the pitch. We will keep working because we can only improve. It’s difficult to say what went wrong. We were always inferior on the pitch and I have no words for this defeat. We have to keep our heads up, not let the result affect us because we have a good spirit in the locker room. The most important thing is to stay together because the next match will certainly be better.”

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