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FC Porto laid siege to Estoril, but the posts, the bar, and the defender kept the ball away from the back of the net, except for the penalty well taken by Taremi (1-1)

The relentless attack of the blue and whites - especially in the second-half - was more than enough to counter the goal conceded 40 minutes in, but all the elements, human or otherwise, on the pitch insisted on getting in the way of FC Porto’s shots and keeping them away from the net. Mehdi Taremi was the only one who managed to score and undo the disadvantage for the Dragons, in stoppage time (1-1).

The blue and whites started better and created a number of opportunities in the first-half, but without the necessary effectiveness to reach the advantage at halftime. The first dangerous opportunity came against the tide, 28 minutes in, when Pepê lost the ball and João Carvalho ended up shooting for a great save by Diogo Costa and, in the spare ball, Tiago Gouveia hit the post of the blue and white goal.

On the alert, the Dragons actually scored twice, but both were disallowed for offside. In the first situation, Pepê took off and passed to Eustáquio, who, in offside position, crossed for Pedro Álvaro to score an own goal (33m), and, in the second, five minutes later, Zaidu recovered near the midfield line and passed to Mehdi Taremi, then receiving the ball back and scoring, but he was also offside.

40 minutes in, after Francisco Geraldes handed the ball, which the blue and white bench called for, Joãozinho’s long kick found Tiago Gouveia behind Zaidu and shooting successfully. Luís Godinho signalled the break and the Dragons were behind (1-0).

FC Porto started the second-half with more intensity and, 50 minutes in, a play on the right wing ended in a powerful shot from Taremi, which hit the post of the goal defended by Daniel Figueiras. In a quick counter, Estoril responded with Francisco Geraldes forcing Diogo Costa to another great save, but the drive of the men led by Sérgio Conceição would lead to more dangerous occasions. Among several shots taken in the opposing area, which ended up hitting defenders, Galeno crossed perfectly 65 minutes in and Evanilson’s header grazed the post.

76 minutes in, Mor Ndiaye vicious tackle on Gabriel Veron meant his second yellow card and the red. In that set piece, Eustaquio crossed and Veron headed at the post. 93 minutes in, Joãozinho used his elbow to clear the ball and Artur Soares Dias (the VAR) called Luís Godinho to watch the footage. After a lengthy analysis and finally convinced, the referee signalled the penalty and, 98 minutes in, Mehdi Taremi scored the tie. Galeno still had a dangerous shot on goal before the end, but the number 9 couldn’t find a way to score. 90 minutes shooting against walls ended in a 1-1 tie at Estádio António Coimbra da Mota.

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