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Pepê and Marko Grujic reacted to the victory over Vizela (2-0) for matchday 19 of the League

After the victory over Vizela (2-0), for matchday 19 of the championship, Pepê, named man of the match by Liga Portugal, explained that the key to victory was remaining "calm" and run "the ball as it was worked" during the week. Marko Grujic, who returned from injury and who, for that reason, had a "difficult first half", said that "it was a good match for the team" and that he will "continue to work every day to make the fans happier".

Marko Grujic
"It was a good match for the team. We are strong when we score in the first half, it was very important to us. Now we have to look at the next match and I am very happy to be with the team once again. The first half was difficult because of my leg, but it went well as time went by and now I'm happy to have had another chance to play at Estádio do Dragão and to have won three important points. It is a pleasure [to be named Merit and Values Porto]. I will continue to work every day to make our fans happier."

"We knew the difficulty we were going to face against Vizela, it's a team that closes well on the inside. We remained calm, ran the ball as we had worked on, we were able to retrieve the ball in the opposing midfield and score the first goal and affect them. Our team has quality, no matter who plays, we handle it; different players offer different things, but we have total faith in everyone’s work. FC Porto is a great team, I do my best every day to take all opportunities. We see that match [against Sporting] as a final, like everyone else, but now we will rest for Wednesday's important match against Académico de Viseu. Only after that match will we think about Sporting. I'm happy to help the team, with goals or assists. I always try my best to help get the three points. I thanked Evanilson on the pitch for the assistance, I'll thank him again, he's a very dedicated player, he was unlucky with the injury, but now he's back and I'm very happy that he's taking part in goals and helping us."

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