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Sérgio Conceição guaranteed that the tactic used at Reboleira (1-0) will be used in the future

After a 1-0 victory in Amadora, where FC Porto sent in a surprising tactic with three central defenders, Sérgio Conceição pointed out that “with very strong ambition and dedication”, the team managed to win against “a very well-organized Estrela”, who will make life difficult for anyone playing there throughout the championship. The coach pointed out "the fairness" of the victory at Reboleira, which wasn’t bigger due to bad finishing in offensive situations. The new tactic, which "will be used in the future without a doubt", left the coach "very pleased", having idealized "a bold team". “There are things to improve, of course, and the team has to evolve. We are here to make it happen”, he concluded.

Match analysis and the fairness of the victory
“There were many situations that complicated our strategy for the game: Marcano's and Evanilson's injuries. During this period, we had the situation of the penalty reversed because nothing happened, but it was in a period when we had ten men on the pitch. We faced a quality team, with fast players in the attack, aggressive players taking spaces, using the width well and we had to play better in terms of tactic than what we did in the recent past and finally use the usual ingredients to win the game. Many duels played on the edge and games are like that. A very well-organized Estrela, and if they always play like this, it will be very difficult for anyone playing here. Without much brilliance, but with a very strong ambition and dedication in the game, we were able to win in all fairness. We had some situations where we could have scored and calm down under a 2-0, but we either set it up poorly or we couldn't finish. It was good for the three points.”

What was worked on during the stoppage and the boldness of the new system
“We had some situations to work on, especially the defensive organization, as we had conceded in all games. Then see which players we had at our disposal. In the wings, they are strong and fast, with some consistency that the three men in the middle could give us. As for the inclusion of Varela and Iván Jaime, I will not say that they are in pre-season, but almost. They gave positive responses during the week and played. Then I wanted to send in André Franco to gain superiority in the middle. Within what was the strategy, we were a bold team because we started with 3 defenders and 7 men upfront, realizing that if everyone had the rigor with and without the ball, we could often create danger using this tactic. I am very pleased, we worked two weeks on this, and it will serve us in the future, without a doubt.”

A first assessment to the injuries sustained by Evanilson and Marcano
"Evanilson was a similar injury, by the looks of it, to the one he suffered at Bessa last year. Marcano, I hope I'm wrong, but it could be something more serious than Evanilson. Regarding Fábio Cardoso, absolutely nothing happened. I look at what the players give me in training and pick the best team."

The decision for David Carmo
"David Carmo works every day to earn his place. I think the work he has been doing, within what has to be a central in a line of four or five, has been very good."

Looking for perfection
"I am pleased. There are things to improve, of course, and the team needs to evolve. That’s what we are here for."

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