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FC Porto beat Farense on matchday 19 of the Portuguese League (3-1)

FC Porto beat Farense in Faro, for matchday 19 of the League and is now sitting at 44 points, two behind the leader, on condition. A better team throughout the match, Sérgio Conceição's Dragons settled in the offensive midfield, applied high pressure on the opponent and created more than half a dozen opportunities to score. The final result was “only” 3-1 - Evanilson scored two and Alan Varela scored for the second consecutive match -, a short result for the brilliant performance demonstrated.

Sérgio Conceição kept the base team of the last games and only sent in Nico González instead of Eustáquio, who faced Moreirense. Dominant as expected, the blue and whites created the first goal opportunity 15 minutes in. Francisco Conceição, Evanilson and João Mário joined forces on the right, the fullback crossed to Galeno, but the winger, alone in the far post, watched as Baldé prevented him from scoring. 18 minutes in, the same Baldé was the protagonist on the other side of the pitch, with a powerful shot that hit the post defended by Diogo Costa.

What had been a smooth match in terms refereeing ended up having controversial decisions after the first 30 minutes. First, Evanilson was tackled by Baldé in the area, João Pinheiro signalled the penalty, but António Nobre (VAR) called the referee to watch the footage and advised on a reversed decision, which happened.

Then, 33 minutes, following a corner-kick for the home team, Gonçalo Silva's shot was deflected by Fábio Cardoso's ribs and then his arm - in a natural position considering the movement - which led the referee to immediately signal to the penalty mark, this time without any indication to the contrary coming from the VAR. Mattheus Oliveira missed the target and the tied remained on the scoreboard.

Superior to any difficulty, the blue and whites remained flawless in the high pressure they had been imposing on the home defence and, 36 minutes in, the first goal was scored. Galeno moved up at high speed from the midfield and assisted Evanilson who, with his left foot, beat goalkeeper Ricardo Velho and recreated with his teammates the iconic celebration that has been seen in recent games (1-0).

Four minutes later, FC Porto extended the lead on the scoreboard. On the right, Francisco Conceição hit a short corner for Pepê, who saw Alan Varela coming in from behind and passed to the Argentinian midfielder. In a volley, the number 22 - which had only scored his first in the previous match, against Moreirense - placed the ball in the far post, gave no chances to the goalkeeper and celebrated the second goal in blue and white (2-0).

Halftime changed nothing in the game, with FC Porto returning just as sharp. In the first ten minutes, the Dragons created three clear opportunities. 50 minutes in, Varela passed to Evanilson, who, on the right, crossed to the heart of the area, where Galeno appeared, but the winger was unable to make it count. 53 minutes in, after a play built on the right, Wendell was only a few centimetres away from scoring after a cross from João Mário. Finally, 55 minutes in, from a set piece, Francisco Conceição danced on the right and shot with power, for a remarkable save by Ricardo Velho into a corner.

The massive attacking trend seemed to be about to bring the third goal for the Dragons, but a penalty committed by Alan Varela on Mattheus Oliveira allowed Bruno Duarte to make it 2-1, 58 minutes in. Diogo Costa guessed where the shot was going to be placed, but the ball passed under the goalkeeper's body (2-1).

70 minutes, FC Porto scored their third goal of the match, in a brilliant kick from Pepê who went in right in the upper angle of Farense's goal, but the refereeing team disallowed it, as Galeno was offside at the time he got the pass from Pepe and then returned it to the midfielder. The Brazilian star would again be the protagonist six minutes later, when the Dragons finally made it 3-1. Pepê received the ball in the midfield, moved up with all his speed and passed to Evanilson, who controlled the ball on his left foot and then shot it with his right foot with power, for his second in the match.

Sérgio Conceição then sent in Iván Jaime, Eustáquio, João Mendes, Romário Baró and Danny Namaso, but the result remained 3-1 and the three points were secured.

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