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Sérgio Conceição has no doubts that FC Porto deserved "a big victory" in the match against Rio Ave

"There are days like this", as Sérgio Conceição said. FC Porto did everything they could, but couldn’t beat Rio Ave, at Estádio do Dragão, for matchday 20 of the League. Sérgio Conceição saw his players working "incredibly", against a team "that pretty much had no shots on goal", so, with "more efficiency", the Dragons would have reached a "deserved and big victory".

Only thing missing was the goal
“We did everything, the players worked incredibly. We understand what we need to do to be balanced and to look for goals. We tried everything, it was a disturbing and unfair game. We deserved a big victory against a team that that pretty much had no shots on goal. There are days like this, but we will look at the numbers in May. Congratulations to the players for the game they played. With this spirit and working the way we worked, but with more efficiency, we would have reached a deserved and big victory. Unfortunately, there are days like this.”

Decisions reverted
“It's not a matter of players getting more or less anxious, but there are some questionable decisions. I believe in my players and that Evanilson was tackled. If there is a touch, there is no dive and I don’t understand the yellow card. We feel like we did too much to leave with just a tie.”

An unfair outcome
“Sometimes, we play against 11, but other times we play against more than just 11 players. For what we have done as a team, it is disturbing to reach the end of the game and only get one point. It's extremely unfair.”

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