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Pepe voiced the group's disappointment and believes Rio Ave “did nothing” to get out of the Dragon with points

FC Porto did everything they could, but failed to beat Rio Ave at home, for matchday 20 of the League. After the match, Captain Pepe talked of a “very intense” blue and white team, doing everything to win, but the night was anything but happy for the blue and white family. Still, “there are many points left to fight for” and the Dragons will not “throw in the towel.”

Match analysis
“The team did everything. In the first half we were a very intense team, just like in the second, but unfortunately the ball didn't go in. We put on good performances and we have to keep working. Rio Ave did nothing to go home with a positive result. The referee was also very permissive with their time wasting, but it's part of football. Congratulations to my teammates and to the fans who supported us from the first to the last minute.”

Respect for FC Porto
“We play to become champions and to win games. On the red card, the referee said he was going to give another minute and he did not. I don't understand, but you have to ask him for explanations. We can only do our job, but it is very clear what is happening. I always said it was going to be a tough year, for everything. We have to keep honouring this shirt and we must not forget that FC Porto has already given a lot to this region and to Portugal. A lot of people speak badly about FC Porto and even the covers of the newspapers are biased when talking about us. FC Porto must be respected."

Plenty of matchdays left to play
“We will continue to do our best and be humble, hard-working and intense. We're not going to throw in the towel for this tie, as there are still too many points up for grabs.”

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