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Sérgio Conceição saw FC Porto wasting “several clear occasions” in the derby against Boavista (2-1)

This Sunday, FC Porto beat Boavista (2-1), at Estádio do Dragão, for matchday 33 of the League. After a Derby at Porto decided in stoppage time, Sérgio Conceição regretted the slowness and the lack of intelligence that the blue and whites displayed in the first half, but "the second half was one-way street". “We tried everything, from the middle and from the wings, and had several clear occasions to score. It’s a fair victory and we should have scored more, considering our offensive flow”, the coach added.

The match analysis
“In the first part, facing a well-organized team and in a very low block, we were slow on the ball and unintelligent in finding spaces. It wasn’t a great victory, especially due to some hastiness and lack of intelligence. The second half was a one-way street, Boavista tried to go out on quick counterattacks, but never succeeded. We tried everything, from the middle and the wings, and had several clear occasions to score. It’s a fair victory and the only issue is that we could have scored more considering our offensive volume.”

A derby always stopped
“This close to the end of the championship, the emotional condition is always a little special. After the game, I greeted some players I knew and that's normal. What I wish them is great success. I didn't like the amount of time wasted and the constant stops, which slowed down the game. When it is like that and we want to go after the result, it seems that there is no time left, but today we found it.”

Mehdi Taremi decisive on his last game at Estádio do Dragão
"It is proof of what I have said: he is an incredible professional. He believes every day that he is helping FC Porto and demonstrates it. When this is so, there is no reason to be hurt or protest against him. He represents FC Porto in the best way and does what an employee of the club should do. He helped get the three points, just like his colleagues.”

SC Braga-FC Porto closing the League
“We have two possible outcomes in Braga: winning or winning. We’re not going there thinking of any other outcome. We will face a difficult team, which comes from a moralizing victory in a derby, and I won’t be on the bench, as I was shown my fifth yellow card. Celebrating with Mehdi Taremi and the other players is passion, it's football. It didn’t deserve this yellow card, it’s tiring and exhausting. It's a shame that I can't end the championship on the bench, as I didn't deserve this yellow card, but I have complete confidence in my coaching team. I didn't do anything to deserve this fifth yellow. Now we have a match against SC Braga for the unfortunate third place.”

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