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FC Porto beat Boavista (2-1) with goals scored 81 and 97 minutes in

FC Porto said farewell to Estádio do Dragão with a victory that was as enjoyable as it was difficult. In the last match at home in the 2023/24 season, the blue and whites were losing until the 81st minute and tied very close to the final whistle, but, because those who wear blue and white never lower their arms, the team led by Sérgio Conceição was able to comeback in the last breath and recovered the third place that will be decided next weekend at SC Braga's home.

After being banned for yellow cards, Wendell and Galeno returned to the team (replacing João Mendes and Mehdi Taremi) and only had to wait a dozen minutes for the first dangerous situation, a header of his countryman Evanilson over the top bar that would be disallowed due to offside.

The next thirty minutes had little action, as neither team managed to create danger and it was only close to halftime that Nico González had a good chance to open the count, but he hit a defender without power, and, in the counter-attack that followed, Diogo Costa stopped the danger. The best opportunity of the first half came from Pepê, who dribbled an opponent before hitting the bar with power and before Galeno took a direct free-kick in front of goal.

The same 22 players came back for the second half, but Mehdi Taremi had already been sent in to replace Martim Fernandes when Bruno Lourenço found the time and space to score for of the visitors. Pedro Malheiro saw the second yellow shortly after, Danny Namaso replaced Wendell soon after, Francisco Conceição suffered a foul in the area, but justice only began to be restored within the final straight, when Zé Pedro headed for the back of the nets, receiving the ball from his partner in the centre of the defence.

The central defender, who is also a member of FC Porto, was the one trying the hardest and proved it by shooting two missiles that missed by chance: the first hit a defender and the second went out just centimetres away from the post. Nico González was replaced by Romário Baró, Evanilson, Taremi and Namaso wasted three opportunities in good position, the Iranian and the British forwards did the same in stoppage time, but the turnaround only came in the last attempt.

In a perfect cross from the right wing from Francisco Conceição, Mehdi Taremi flew in the middle of the opposing central defenders to score the goal that made Estádio do Dragão explode with joy and assured the three points for the biggest and oldest club in the city. It was worthy of the Dragons and dedicated to Eustáquio.

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