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The Dragons beat Sporting (2-1) and won their 20th Portuguese Cup

The Blue Sea filled the stands and the players filled the pitch. Despite conceding the first goal, FC Porto never gave up and, in extra time, ended up securing the turnaround that gave the 20th Portuguese Cup in their history. Evanilson tied in the first half and Mehdi Taremi confirmed the victory 97 minutes in.

In an afternoon that went down in history, FC Porto became the Portuguese club with the most titles, with 85 trophies. Sérgio Conceição became the first coach to win four editions of the Portuguese Cup for the same club and tied with José Maria Pedroto and Otto Glória in terms of coaches with the most titles in the competition. Galeno, who was on the pitch during the two hours of play, became the first player to win four consecutive Portuguese Cups. At Jamor, it was all Porto and the proof of that is that this was the club that celebrated in Oeiras in four of the last five seasons. In this edition, the record for the new maximum number of consecutive triumphs in the competition was also beaten. It's now 21!

The classic started clearly blue and Evanilson had a great opportunity to score only 90 seconds in. After finding space behind of the defence and seeing goalkeeper Diogo Pinto hesitating to run at the ball, the number 30 tried to dribble that last man. The clash between the two players ended with the forward being tackled, much to the dismay of the blue and white bench. Fábio Veríssimo signalled nothing.

In the first time reaching Diogo Costa's goal, in a corner, Sporting scored. Saint Juste jumped higher than Otávio and headed for the 1-0 on the far post (19m). The Dragons' response didn’t take long, only six minutes later the southern stand of Jamor jumped in celebration: in a play made of first touches in the middle, Pepê tried to find Galeno, but Geny Catamo's clearance made the ball reach Evanilson, who only had to push it in and run to the fans.

The green defence was permeable to attempts to attack the depth and it was precisely a long pass from Alan Varela to Galeno, who beat the opposing central defenders, that caused Saint Juste to be sent off: the Dutchman grabbed the Brazilian international winger when he was running alone for the goal. At first, the refereeing team signalled a penalty and showed a red card, but, using the VAR, Veríssimo gave instead a free kick that Francisco Conceição placed centimetres away from Diogo Pinto's post.

Playing outnumbered, the opponent could only get close to Diogo Costa’s goal through set pieces and the number 99 showed the security that puts him on top of the world in his position. In stoppage time, a breaking pass from Pepê to João Mário made the blue and whites stand, but the number 23 passed to Evanilson and the Brazilian forward shot over the top bar. The tie remained in the return to the locker room.

The yellow card shown to João Mário 36 minutes into the first half and having one more man on the pitch made Sérgio Conceição move Pepê to the right of the defence and send in Mehdi Taremi next to Evanilson upfront. As in the first half, Sporting created danger in the second minute from a set piece. A short free-kick on the right led to a header that Diogo Costa stopped with a save that was celebrated by the thousands of fans at the national stadium.

The following minutes brought a siege to the opposing area, with Sporting trying to escape the pressure with long balls to Gyokeres, masterfully cleared by Zé Pedro and Otávio. The combinations in the wings continued to hurt the opponent and only bad finishing made the tie remain. 72 minutes in, after Galeno ran on the left, Francisco Conceição shot close to the bar, something that would happen again just minutes later.

With Grujić and Eustáquio on the pitch, replacing Alan Varela and Nico González, Wendell put Diogo Pinto to the test in a free-kick 86 minutes in, but the score would not change before referee Fábio Veríssimo signalled the end of regular time.

Sérgio Conceição placed the Serbian midfielder between the central defenders and had the fullbacks break the opposing defence. Playing inside, to leave space for Francisco next to the line, Pepê received in the middle and passed to Evanilson, but his shot was saved again by Diogo Pinto between the posts (92m).

The two players would become protagonists four minutes later. Evanilson received the ball inside the area, after a deep pass, and, when he intended to dribble the ball, the goalkeeper hit him. The referee immediately pointed to the penalty spot, showed Sérgio Conceição the red card seconds later, and Mehdi Taremi made it 2-1, then running to celebrate with the fans, in a moment of joy and communion.

After listening to the coach next to the stands, the players went in dominant in the second half of extra time and controlled the result until the final whistle. In the 2023/24 edition of the Portuguese Cup, Futebol Clube do Porto prevailed.

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