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Sérgio Conceição considered the victory in the final of the Portuguese Cup “fair” (2-1)

For the third consecutive year, FC Porto is the winner of the Portuguese Cup, a trophy the Dragons won 20 times already. After the classic against Sporting, decided in extra time (2-1), Sérgio Conceição was a proud coach to lead a team that was always “focused, very cohesive and very compact”. “We are very happy to take this Portuguese Cup home,” the coach added.

A well-deserved title to close the season
“The feeling is good after another title won. We played our part and played a good game, but it's a final and there can always be a lack of composure. Still, it was a fair and deserved victory against a Sporting that was always very competitive, even outnumbered. In terms of strategy, we didn’t make the mistakes we made in the game in Estádio de Alvalade, for the championship. The team was always focused, very cohesive and very compact. Congratulations to the players and to this wonderful audience that came here too. We ended the season doing what we always do, winning. We are very happy to take this Portuguese Cup home.”

Penalty and the unfair red card
“We lived the game a lot, both our bench and Sporting's. On the penalty, I went to call Danny Namaso because I felt Evanilson was hurt. The justification the referee gave me for the red card was that I left the technical area. It was a mirror of has happened over the years. I’ve made mistakes before and did things that made me deserve to be sent-off, but not today. We won another title at the end of Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa's life as president and I would like to welcome President André Villas-Boas. May he have a walk as glorious as that of the previous president.”

The talk between president and coach
“We have to look together at the future of FC Porto and see what the best situation is. We have to unite FC Porto and not divide it. This year, that division was clear. It was not easy to manage everything that was said outside Olival and I had to make difficult decisions within the working group.”

Such very tough decisions
“I have to leave a word to four players (Jorge Sánchez, Iván Jaime, André Franco and Toni Martínez). I deeply pondered the decision I made and it was the first time I did it, but it had to be done. I always see the team first and we had to send a strong message. André Franco and Toni Martínez always respected the club and the coach to the maximum, but it was a decision I had to make. It was the hardest year for me. I had to make difficult decisions and I’m still hurt for making them today.”

The usual dedications
“I want to dedicate this victory to my family and to two people who are not between us any more, my parents. If it wasn't for them, I would hardly be here today.”

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