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Team led by Mário Silva won their first title in the UEFA Youth League

FC Porto beat Chelsea, 3-1, in the final of the UEFA Youth League, and won the first Lennart Johansson trophy in the history of the club, avenging the defeat at the hands of the team from London in the semi-finals of last year’s edition. The team led by Mário Silva became the first and only Portuguese team so far to achieve this European feat.  

Chelsea started better and nine minutes in Lamptey moved up on the right and passed to Gallagher, who, inside the area and free of marking, shot over the bar. On the following minute, a nearly identical play led by the right fullback ended with captain McCormick also missing the goal. However, on minute 17, FC Porto gained the advantage: Ángel Yesid cleared a path on the right wing and found Fábio Vieira alone on the far post, ready to make it 1-0.

From there, the Dragons gained the upper hand and had three clear goal chances still in the first-half, with João Mário (21’ and 35’) and Fábio Vieira (27’). Before the break, however, the Blues again created danger in the Portuguese goal, but McCormick, alone in front of Diogo Costa, lost to the goalkeeper.

The second-half started in a frenzy. After a free-kick from Fábio Vieira scared the English defence, Chelsea tied the match thanks to Redan, who headed the ball coming from the right. The blue and whites response was immediate, with Diogo Queirós heading the ball for a tight save from Ziger, and then scoring from the rebound following the shot from João Mário, making it 2-1. Moralized, the young blue and whites increased the advantage with 15 minutes to go, with an opportunistic shot from Afonso Sousa on the left of the attack.

Until the end, Ángel Yesid, Fábio Silva and Vítor Ferreira could have added their name to the list of scorers, whereas Diogo Costa stopped Gilmour from scoring. The next match of the Under19 team is on Sunday, at 17h, in Olival, against Alverca, for matchday 10 of the National Under19 championship.

Here are the 31 layers that helped win the UEFA Youth League: Diogo Costa, Francisco Meixedo, Carlos Peixoto e João Gonçalo (goalkeepers), Afonso Sousa, Angel Yesid, Boris Enow, Cláudio Silva, Duarte Moreira, Fábio Silva, Fábio Vieira, Gonçalo Borges, João Mário, Juan Perea, Pedro Justiniano, Levi Faustino, Manuel Mané, Mor Ndiaye, Rafa Pereira, Rodrigo Valente, Romário Baró, Rúben Amaral, Taddeus Nkeng, Tiago Lopes, Tiago Matos, Tomás Esteves, Vítor Ferreira, Diogo Bessa, Diogo Leite, Diogo Queirós and Paulo Estrela.


UEFA Youth League, Final
April 29, 2019
Colovray Sports Centre, Nyon, Suíça
Referee: François Letexier (France)
Assistants: Cyril Mugnier and Mehdi Rahmouni
Fourth official: Jérôme Brisard

FC PORTO: Diogo Costa (g.k.), Tomás Esteves, Diogo Queirós (cap.), Diogo Leite, Tiago Lopes, Mor Ndiaye, Ángel Yesid, Fábio Vieira, Fábio Silva, Romário Baró and João Mário
Substitutions: João Mário for Afonso Sousa (63m), Fábio Vieira for Vítor Ferreira (71m), Romário Baró for Gonçalo Borges (89m), Fábio Silva for Taddeus Nkeng (89m)
Not used: Francisco Meixedo (g.k.), Tiago Matos and Pedro Justiniano
Coach: Mário Silva

CHELSEA: Ziger (g.k.), Lamptey, Colley, Guehi, Maatsen, McEachran, Gallagher, Gilmour, Redan, McCormick (cap.) and Familio-Castillo
Substitutions: Lamptey for Anjorin (76m), Gallagher for Brown (76m) 
Not used: Tie (g.k.), Mola, Lavinier, Lawrence and Nunn
Coach: Joe Edwards

At halftime: 1-0
Scorers:  Fábio Vieira (18m), Redan (53m), Diogo Queirós (55m), Afonso Sousa (75m)
Bookings: yellow card to McCormick (25m), Fábio Vieira (71m), Ángel Yesid (78m), Mor Ndiaye (85m), Maatsen (93m)

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