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Sérgio Conceição was pleased with his team in the victory over Académico de Viseu, 3-0, for the second leg of the semi-finals of the Portuguese Cup

For the second year in a row, FC Porto is in the final of the Portuguese Cup. Sérgio Conceição, who already won the trophy as a player for the Dragons in 1998, was pleased after the victory over Académico de Viseu, 3-0, for the second leg of the semi-finals of the competition. The final of the Portuguese Cup, which will be played by FC Porto and Benfica, is scheduled for May 24, at Estádio do Jamor.

The summary of the match
“These matches are more difficult to prepare than any other. Sometimes, for Cup matches, the focus is inexplicably not at full capacity, but we tried to prevent that for this match. When matches bring more visibility, the players are on board two or three days before. Regarding this match, we didn’t start well in either half, but we kept growing, as time went by. We deserved to win and it was up to us to take the responsibility of being in another final. I’m not saying that this is an objective fulfilled, but the team really wanted to be in Jamor" In due time, we will talk about it, but we want to be happier than last year. Congratulations to Académico de Viseu as well, for these two good matches.”

The team that was chosen
“I needed players with those features. We had to find spaces where there was none, as we knew that Académica de Viseu would be playing in a lower block. Nakajima, Tecatito, and Luis Díaz were able to find those spaces, and they do have a lot intensity, but we also had to look at where we are right now. The classic led to fatigue, both physical and mental. We gave a good response and the players always aimed at winning the match.”

Jamor in due time
“My passion is to always win. The Cup has the same feeling as the other competitions, but, if I put all on a scale, I would say the Championship first, followed by the Portuguese Cup, in terms of domestic competitions. In due time we will talk of the final and of that match that we really want to win. Now we have to think of Vitória de Guimarães, as that’s a vital match for us.”

Classic against Benfica in the Final
“For us, FC Porto, what matters is to be in the final.”

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