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Blue and white players talked of the qualification to the final of the Portuguese Cup and want to win it in May

After beating Académico de Viseu, 3-0, FC Porto has a match set against Benfica, in Oeiras. On May 24, there will be a classic at Jamor, and Alex Telles believes the team is “more mature” and that everyone will be playing to “to win what we lost last season”. Zé Luís preferred to praise the victory of the team instead of his goal, stating the team “is where they wanted to be”. The young goalkeeper of the Dragons, and the man who was in every match of the Cup, Diogo Costa, talked of the “determination” and of the “spirit of work and dedication” that were vital for the victory.

Diogo Costa
“I think the main factor to reach the final was our determination. The spirit of work and dedication, which was the secret to the victory. I feel we controlled the match from start to finish. In the second-half, we did some adjustments and became even better, so I believe we deserved to win here. Like I said, the spirit of sacrifice was different. I believe we were more efficient, we were calmer. What matters now is to keep working and getting good results, to stay consistent and play great matches. The defensive role starts with the forwards and ends in me. Our defence and offence is fully included in our tactic, at least that’s how we do it.”

Alex Telles
“We are pleased to go to Jamor for the second year in a row. That was one of the objectives of the club and we are happy to reach it. We started the match with that penalty, and it was complicated until then, as Viseu had a good strategy. We adjusted at halftime, and I believe the team was able to understand what we trained well, and then we came back for the second-half calmer. The second and the third goal calmed us down. We have been playing several consecutive matches and those who have been going in have been playing well, and that’s important. Congratulations to us, again going to Jamor. Now we need to think of the championship. Last year, we remember how hard it was for us to be in the final and lose it. I believe we played a good match then, but it just happened. Now we have another opportunity, a second chance, it’s a high level match and we are prepared, more experienced, and we are going to Jamor eager to win what we lost last season. Honestly, I prefer to do assistances, but I have been scoring more lately. I deeply believe in my work, for the confidence my coach and teammates have in me. I demanded too much of myself, to score from set pieces and not in running plays. This season, I already scored three goals in running plays, and that for me is a sign that I am better moving up. Not just with passes, but goals as well, and that comes from work and from the confidence the coach transmits. I feel more confident every day, and calm to give my best for the club.”

Zé Luís
“Académico de Viseu was brave, but we were stronger. We knew we would score and we were patient. We ended up winning by a good margin. Forwards feed on goals, but what matters is that the team wins. I know that goals with come naturally, like tonight. It’s a good feeling to know that we will be going to Jamor. We are where we wanted, in the final. Now we have to think of Vitória de Guimarães, a match that is going to be hard.”

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